Pete's Story

Why I started collecting

I've always been interested in model cars.

When I was four in our small house in New Zealand, I used to pull out my diecast model cars and play with them in front of our fireplace - so my sister said. I don't have any recollection of this, but she did as it was her job to put them away after I finished playing with them and she remembers  having to pack them time and time again into a box that was stored in the cold hearth of our fireplace.

My love of cars was not just models.

When I was 15, GM imported 10 1957 Chevrolet  Bel Airs into New Zealand. As they were so beautiful and rare, everyone stopped and stared when one cruised down the street. I remember being mesmerized by these cars and a little envious of the owners as they drove through the town.

After our move to Australia I was able to start collecting model cars.

It really just started out as a hobby but it soon turned into more than that.

I visited toy shops, hobby outlets and swap meets. I spoke with collectors and researched different types of models and companies.  Every so often I would come across a 'find' and was happy to add it to my collection. While overseas on holiday I also found some gems including some Dinky models from England.

This hobby, after decades of work has built into My Collection.

It is now time to realize on my investment.

I have enjoyed collecting these diecast models over the years and I hope that in my collection you find that hidden gem that you're looking for to make your collection complete.

                                     Have fun collecting


Pete's Collection


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